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Business Development and other executives were having challenges accessing important content dedicated to specific market sectors to share with current and prospective clients. Users weren't able to find or access pertinent content on the go. The content could only be accessed through their desktop computer, navigating through numerous local servers and folders throughout the company.


  • Visual Design Lead
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes/Prototype
  • Marketing/IT Liaison


  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • 5 months
People using the Market Maker App

How It Works

The application was a web app accessed through the user's company tablet or phone. Materials such as documents and multimedia content were uploaded to a single location on a SharePoint server on the backend. A core group of administrators would be the caretakers of their assigned sections of the app, uploading correct content and eliminating conflicting files.

A user would have the latest and greatest content at their fingertips and would have the ability to view, download and share content with clients.

Graphics representing how the app works

Who It's For

Although the app was available to everyone who worked for the company, the company's primary target user was Business Development and high-level executives within the company. Mainly individuals that were in charge of winning more work as well as engaging with current clients.

Graphics representing target group of Business Development

How I Helped

Throughout the duration of the project, I was the Visual Design lead in charge of many different aspects of the application, including:

Icons of three people working
  • Acted as project liaison between Marketing and IT to keep the project on time and within the scope
Graphics of file folder structure
  • Assisted in the overall information architecture for the application, working on the user flow and folder/file organization
graphics of a wireframe
  • In charge of wireframes and prototypes, developing the MVP in the early stage to get buy-in from IT to receive internal resources
graphic of mouse and screen
  • Designed the UI elements within company brand guidelines


After 5 months of development, the team delivered a mobile app that centralized specific sales & marketing materials where users could view, download and share content to outside clients and internal partners.

Market Maker iPad Home Screen
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Market Maker iPhone Screens
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